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I am humbled and honored to have been asked by supporters and friends to run for City Council (EWA BEACH, WAIPAHU, MILILANI). Public service is in my heart and soul, and I want to work with you to shape our future. My 8 years with the administration of Mayor Frank Fasi in charge of Oahu's Neighborhood Boards, 4 years as general manager of Ewa by Gentry Community Association, and 19 years in the Hawaii Legislature (16 yrs in Senate: 3 yrs in House), have given me the experience and knowledge to serve you at City Hall.

The best part of being an elected official is helping people and making a positive difference in their lives. Over the years, I have met many people who have become friends and who have worked with me on the multiple issues out there. I want to continue this effort with you because we can change the world.

Although we may not agree on every single issue, know that I will listen, converse with you, and reasonably work for an equitable solution. There is much unfinished business to do. At the age of 59, I am more than ready to work together to make living on Oahu better for all.

I appreciate any help. Thank you!

Senator Will Espero was born on November 6, 1960, in Yokosuka, Japan at the U.S. Naval base. His father served 21 years in the U.S. Navy and his mother was a licensed practical nurse. As a Navy family, Senator Espero grew up around the world experiencing the diversity of his surroundings. He lived in Washington state, California, Georgia, Virginia, Florida, Cuba and Italy.

Senator Espero attended Seattle University where he earned a BA degree in Business Management. He made Hawaii his permanent residence in 1982 soon after graduating from college. Mayor Frank Fasi appointed Will Espero in1987 to head Oahu's Neighborhood Board system. At the age of 26, he was the youngest person in this position. It is here where he became the executive secretary of the Neighborhood Commission.

Besides being the executive secretary of the Neighborhood Commission for almost 8 years, Senator Espero also served on the Kalihi Palama and the Ewa Neighborhood Boards. In December 1999, Governor Ben Cayetano appointed Will Espero to the House of Representatives. He served in the House for 3 years, and in 2002 was elected to the Hawaii State senate where he served 16 years.

Senator Espero was the Senate Vice-President and the Majority Floor Leader. As the chairman of the Public Safety, Intergovernmental, and Military Affairs Committees, areas that fell under his jurisdiction included Hawaii prisons, jails, inmate issues, narcotics enforcement, state sheriffs, County issues, National Guard, fireworks,civil defense and the aerospace industry. He has introduced and helped pass key legislation in these areas.

He also sat on the Senate Transportation And International Affairs Committees and the important Ways and Means committee. Senator Espero has chaired and participated on many boards and task forces, including the Oahu Metropolitain Planning Organization (chair), the Corrections Population Management Committee and the State Council For Interstate Adult Offender Supervision. He also served on the boards of the Ewa Beach Boys and Girls Club, Ewa Beach Lions Club, Oahu Filipino Jaycees and the Ewa Neighborhood Board.


Illegal Fireworks Task Force: Co-Chair

Clean & Sober and Halfway House Task Force

Juvenile Justice Working Group

Hawaii Broadband Task Force

Joint House-Senate task Force on Ice & Drug Abatement

The Steering Committee for the Justice Reinvestment Initiatives

Government Contracting Task Force

Co-Chair/Co-Founder Hawaii Fashion Month

Co-Founder: West+Oahu Economic Development Association

Co-Founder/President: Friends of the Ewa Beach Library

Friends of the Hawaii State Art Museum


First Hawaiian Credit Corp.

Norwest Financial

Coalition For a Drug-Free Hawaii

Ewa by Gentry Community Association

Chaney Brooks (property management)

D.R. Horton, Hawaii Division


Sen. Will Espero has had 99 bills passed by the Hawaii Legislature.


SB3095 - Pesticide use (co-sponsor)

Bans Chlorpyrifos in 2023. Establishes pesticide buffer zones around schools and mandates disclosure of pesticide use

SB2196 - Relating to an independent Review Board:  2016

Creates a statewide law enforcement officer independent Review Board to review fatal shootings involving law enforcement officers

SB555 - Relating to tax credits:  2015

Increases the refundable food - excise income tax credit for certain middle class and low income wage earners with $37 million in expected savings for families


SB702 – Relating to Child Abuse:  2014

Establishes an Internet Crimes Against Children Fee for felony and misdemeanor convictions to fight child pornography and child exploitation; Known as Alicia’s Law


SB2592 – Relating to Law Enforcement:  2014

Requires more information and greater transparency on annual reports to the legislature which deals with police misconduct; provides more accountability of police departments


SB2583 – Relating to NASA’s Laser Ground Communication System:  2014

Appropriates funds for an engineering assessment of a proposal to establish the world’s first optical laser communication station on the Big island; This bill will place Hawaii at the forefront of this new telecommunications technology


SB69 - Relating to Firearms:  2013

Gun registration and background checks of guns brought into Hawaii


SB102 - Relating to the elderly:  2013 Co-sponsor

Mandatory reporting of suspected financial abuse of an elder


SB109 - Relating to prostitution: 2013 - Co-sponsor

Solicitation of a minor a class C felony


SB551 - Relating to a memorial: 2013

Requires Office of Veteran Services to develop a plan for a Gulf War Memorial


SB680 - Relating to Homeland Security:  2013

Creates the state Office of Homeland Security to strengthen Hawaii’s security efforts 


SB2261 - Relating to Weed and Seed Program:  2012

Appropriates $250,000 to combat drugs in communities & support prevention measures


SB2110 - Relating to the Preservation of Hawaii’s Moving Images:  2012

Designates the Henry Giugni Moving Image Archive of Hawaii at UHWO


SB2247 - Relating to Public Safety:   2012

Kelsey’s Law – Allows electronic communication providers to disclose confidential information in the event of emergencies; Based after national legislation


SB112 - Relating to tourism:   2012

Appropriates funds for a spaceport license from FAA; Supports space tourism


SB2678 - Relating to Honouliuli:  2012

Appropriates funds for the preservation of the WWII Honouliuli Internment Camp and POW Camp. Supports Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii and National Park Service


SB2139 - Relating to Veteran Services

Requires the director of the Office of Veteran’s Services to act on behalf of deceased veterans found to be indigent at the time of their death and without surviving immediate family members to ensure proper burial or cremation services


SB2054 - Relating to Civil Defense Agency

Creates the position of statewide communications interoperability coordinator within the Civil Defense Agency using Homeland Security Funds: deals with man-made and natural disasters


SB907 - Relating to Aerospace

Created the Office of Aerospace Development within the state to help diversify our economic base and promote aerospace initiatives and jobs


SB921 - Relating to condominium associations records

Limits the fee associations may charge to condo owners obtaining association reports


SB932 - Relating to a comprehensive offender re-entry system 

Requires the Department of Public Safety to develop a comprehensive plan to rehabilitate more inmates


SB1228 - Relating to Department of Land and Natural Resources

Provides funds and directs the Department of Land and Natural Resources to work with stake holders in the preservation and memorializing of the Honouliuli WWII Japanese Internment Camp


SB2080 - Relating to Hawai`i teachers

Authorizes the Hawai`i teacher standards board to suspend without a hearing, an individual’s license to teach upon receipt of a certified of a judgment of conviction


SB895 - Relating to Limu

Established a Limu Management Area in Ewa Beach to deal with the dwindling Limu


SB1348 - Relating to Condominium Associations

Requires a condominium association’s meeting minutes of the Board to be available to any owner at no cost and at a convenient location or be transmitted electronically within 15 days of request


SB2065 - Relating to used vehicles transfer of ownership and registration

When buying a used car and the car has outstanding tickets from the previous owner, the outstanding old tickets shall not prevent the transfer of ownership and registration


HB680 - Relating to ethics training

Senator Espero initiated this measure which requires Legislators, Department Heads and deputies and other high level appointments to mandatory ethics training


SB2124 – Relating to public education:  Co-sponsor 

Senator Espero was a co-sponsor of this measure which restored instructional days and ended the dreaded Friday Furloughs of public education


This is just a sample of Senator Espero’s legislative achievements.



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